MAED Metallurgical Laboratories

Founded in 1998 on the site of the West Witwatersrand Gold Mine, near Randfontein, and now operating at the ERGO Mining Plant, in Brakpan, Gauteng, South Africa, the laboratories specialise in the assaying of gold.

Gold assaying

MAED Metallurgical Laboratories in fire assaying, with parting and weighing of the pure gold prill. The following samples are commonly treated:

  • Exploration samples, including chip, drill core and rock
  • Bulk rock samples
  • Gold plant routine samples: solids, solution and carbon, sand, slurry and slime, bullion, slag and concentrates
  • Selected water analyses

Analysis of gold in solution is achieved by extraction into an organic phase, followed by determination of concentration on an atomic absorption spectrometer. Other routine analyses include particle size analysis and carbon grade and activity determinations. Titre and other chemical solutions for plant operational use are prepared to client specifications.

Critical samples undergo duplicate analysis. Internal and external standards are routinely included in a suite of samples.

Laboratory testing

Laboratory or bench-scale metallurgical test work capabilities include:

  • Variable size leachability tests
  • Diagnostic leach tests
  • Carbon adsorption profiles
  • Determination of carbon abrasion rates
  • Flotation test work
  • Heap leach test work

Fast, professional service

Routine samples are collected and results reported within a period of 5 to 48 hours, giving clients a fast turn-around time. Results are communicated by facsimile or electronic mail.

MAED Metallurgical Laboratories operate over weekends and public holidays.

Experienced industrial laboratory analysts and highly qualified managerial and supervisory staff ensure the laboratory's success. MAED Met. Labs. are frequently utilised to contribute to feasibility studies, plant optimisation and design projects undertaken by the MAED Limited project management team.

The laboratory has embarked upon the ISO 25 accreditation programme and clients are kept up-to-date with a monthly quality report. The report includes relevant analytical and assaying information, inter-laboratory comparisons and a critical analysis of duplicate (check) assays.

Highly competitive pricing and a reputation for reliability, speed, accuracy and honesty are the hallmark of our trade. Price lists are available on request.

Contact details

Maed Metallurgical Laboratories (Pty) Ltd,
c/o Ergo Mining Plant,
off Ergo Road, Witpoort Estates
Brakpan, Gauteng, RSA

Tel: +27 11 742 1008
Fax: +27 11 742 1009

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